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Ola Pro


In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Ola, a leading ride-hailing platform, is launching a new booking category named “Ola Pro.” This innovative category sets the highest standards for car cleanliness and ensures the safety of both drivers and passengers. The project aims to introduce and establish Ola Pro as a safe and trustworthy option for customers who prioritize health and hygiene.

Brand Identity

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  • Enhanced user trust in the Ola Pro category for safe and clean rides.
  • Increased adoption of Ola Pro, resulting in higher user engagement and revenue.
  • Reinforced brand reputation for Ola as a company that prioritizes customer safety.
  • Improved user experience and loyalty through a commitment to safety.
  • A lasting and trustworthy category that meets the evolving needs of users during the pandemic.

The Ola Pro project is a critical initiative to ensure passenger and driver safety while providing a solution that aligns with the changing priorities of users in the COVID-19 era. It establishes Ola as a leader in prioritizing health and hygiene while offering a dependable ride-hailing option.

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