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Betway, a leading online betting and gaming platform, is launching “FantasyWay,” a revolutionary fantasy sports app that goes beyond traditional fantasy gaming. FantasyWay offers a multifaceted experience by integrating live scores, news, videos, and a unique feed. The project aims to create an all-encompassing sports fantasy platform that provides users with real-time information, entertainment, and fantasy gaming opportunities.



  • A comprehensive sports fantasy app that caters to the interests of sports enthusiasts.
  • Enhanced user engagement through live scores, news, videos, and an unique feed.
  • Growth of the Betway user base through FantasyWay’s promotion and user acquisition.
  • Increased brand recognition and user loyalty.
  • An additional revenue stream through increased user activity and potential premium features.

FantasyWay aims to become the go-to platform for sports fans looking for an immersive and entertaining experience, providing them with an exciting way to enjoy and interact with their favorite sports while also participating in fantasy gaming.

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