Shots by Tully

Proposal Photography

Proposal Photography

I specialize in capturing the heartfelt moment of your proposal with a unique blend of documentary and photojournalistic styles. My approach ensures that every emotion and reaction is authentically preserved, providing you with timeless memories of your special moment.

From the majestic views of the Thames to the romantic pathways of Hyde Park, London offers a diverse array of stunning locations for your proposal. Our team knows the best spots to make your proposal unforgettable.

Documentary Style

My documentary style of photography focuses on capturing candid, unposed moments. I believe the best photographs are those that tell a story naturally as it unfolds. With this approach, I aim to document your proposal in its truest form, highlighting genuine emotions and reactions.


Photojournalistic Approach

In the photojournalistic approach, I act as a silent observer, allowing events to happen organically while capturing the essence of the moment. This style is perfect for proposals, as it ensures we do not interfere with the intimate experience but still manage to create a compelling visual narrative of your special day.

Why Choose ShotsbyTully?

  • Pre-Proposal Consultation: We discuss your vision and plan the perfect proposal shoot.
  • Location Scouting: We help you choose the ideal spot and time for your proposal.
  • Tailored Packages: I offer customizable packages to suit your needs and budget, ensuring you get exactly what you want.
  • Discreet Photography: Our photographers remain unobtrusive to capture the moment without interrupting it.
  • High-Quality Editing: Each photo is carefully edited to enhance its beauty and emotion.
  • Fast Delivery: Receive your stunning proposal photos quickly to share with family and friends.
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